Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Yanks' Jeter Problem

Being that we kicked yankee butts already this year, how about a little insight from a Jays fan who knows what I'm talking about and isn't twisted with player affiliation and the mixed up persona that comes with being a Yankee fan.

Number 1 - Move A-Rod to SS.

Ensberg goes to 3B, Cano's at 2B, and Betemit or Duncan at 1B. Giambi is done, face it, everyone else has.


Then you take a look at weather it's smart to have an aging Jeter at SS or POSSIBLY 1B which I know will confuse many of you.

Number 3 - Make Pasada your DH

When you need to give Molina a break behind trhe plate, fine, then you can have your DH by comittee play - ie Duncan, Ensberg, Betemit, Giambi...

...or hey, just have Jeter get elbow surgery and sit on the 60-day DL with the rest of your pitchers.